About Us

SMACKIN’ was founded by Cole and Brian.

Our childhood was filled with long days at the ballpark and munchin’ endlessly on seeds. Back then, quality seeds and interesting flavors just couldn’t be found!

During college as roommates, we realized that the sunflower seed selection was the same as it was when we were kids a decade ago. The standard flavors, high sodium content, and sandpaper tongue needed to go.

SMACKIN’ was founded in 2019 to deliver a premium sunflower seed experience: one that is flavorful and unique.

We knew we had to do a few things different...

Our jumbo seeds are the largest that you can grow in the USA

Each seed is crafted with care from a small batch to ensure unbeatable quality

Our seeds are low in sodium, with only 17% of your daily sodium per serving (on avg.)

Each seed is coated in specialty seasonings creating bold, unique flavors you’ll love

No salty burn or cutting up your mouth after a handful

Our signature roast is a roast like never before for an unforgettable crack

Since then we’ve collected thousands of 5 star reviews, sold millions of packs, and gone viral over and over again on social media.

We know how good our sunflower seeds are, but even we've been amazed at how much people love them. 🤯


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Happy Customers

In 2023, SMACKIN’ was getting more orders than we could possibly handle.

Being two kids who started this business from our college dorm, we felt way in over our heads.

We took everything we had and built a new 10,000sqft factory.

Since then we hired an entire team so orders go out within 1 business day, and we can maintain continuous production.

And we were just awarded fastest growing snack brand in 2023 by Charms data 👑

Now we’re launching new flavors every week, working on some big partnerships, and starting to launch in retailors across the country.

We can’t wait for you to join us!