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Does SMACKIN' actually produce their seeds?

  • You bet! SMACKIN' crafts the best seeds in the world in our state-of-the-art production facility. This ensures we have the highest quality and freshest seasoned seeds possible. Many of our competitors can't say the same!

Are your products grown in the U.S.?

  • All our ingredients are sourced from the Midwestern United States.

Where can I buy your sunflower seeds?

  • You can find us online through our Shop and Amazon. We are also available in select Minnesota retail.

What happens if SMACKIN’ is out of stock of my favorite flavor?

  • Due to popular demand or limited time editions flavors, you might find certain items out of stock from time to time. Shoot us an email or Instagram DM and we'll get back to you immediately about your questions!

Do you use MSG?

  • Nope!

Are your sunflower seeds gluten free?

  • Yes, all of our ingredients are inherently gluten-free.

How healthy are sunflower seeds?

  • Incredibly healthy, they aren’t a superfood for nothing! Sunflower seeds contain the most Vitamin E of any nut or seed. They're also packed full of other healthy ingredients like protein, essential B Vitamins, and healthy fats and oils to keep your skin flawless and your heart healthy!

Your seeds are huuuge! What's the deal?

  • Size matters! We source the largest seeds available from U.S.A. farmers to guarantee the best snacking experience.

Are your sunflower seeds vegan?

  • Sriracha Honey, Backyard BBQ, Cinnamon Sugar and Kickin’ Dill are made using animal-free ingredients. Our Garlic Parmesan seeds do contain real cheese. 

I have a food allergy; can I eat SMACKIN’ Seeds? 

  • Probably! SMACKIN’ seeds are produced in our facility where we don't handle or process any other nuts or seeds. However, our Garlic Parmesan seeds have real cheese (dairy). Please reach out with any concerns and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Can I sell SMACKIN' at my store or concession?

  • For sure! We offer wholesale pricing for companies interested in selling or buying SMACKIN' in bulk. Email contact@smackinsnacks.com or DM us on Instagram @smackinsnacksofficial to receive pricing. 

When will my seeds get here?

  • Orders placed through our online store typically ship within 2 business days with a transit time of 3-5 business days depending on where you live in relation to Minneapolis, MN.

What is your return policy?

  • SMACKIN' does not accept returns or issue refunds on food related products once the order is processed and shipped. Please reach out to us with any questions regarding your order or our return policy.  

I love SMACKIN’ sunflower seeds! How can I help spread the word?

  • Tell your friends, request SMACKIN’ at your local stores, or shout us out on social media 🗣️🔥

Do you offer rewards to loyal customers?

  • Always! You can earn discounts and rewards by purchasing seeds from our website, following us on social media, and spreading the word about SMACKIN’ to others. Click the here button to sign up and start earning discount codes, giveaways, and more!