How Does SMACKIN’ Compare?

SMACKIN’ was founded in 2019 to deliver a premium sunflower seed experience: one that is flavorful and unique.

At SMACKIN' we do a few things differently:

Low sodium

6 Bold Flavors

Jumbo Seeds

Small Batch

Signature Roast

No Salty Burn

Gas Station Seeds

THEM: High in sodium, which can increase blood pressure

SMACKIN’: Our seeds are low in sodium, with only 17% of your daily sodium per serving (on avg.)

THEM: Generic seasonings with bland taste

SMACKIN’: Each seed is coated in specialty seasonings creating bold, unique flavors you’ll love

THEM: Average sized seeds

SMACKIN’: Our jumbo seeds are the largest that you can grow in the USA

THEM: Mass produced in large batches, compromising seed quality & freshness

SMACKIN’: Each seed is crafted with care from a small batch to ensure unbeatable quality

THEM: Conventional roasting methods

SMACKIN’: Our signature roast gives an unforgettable crack

THEM: Seeds leaving a gritty residue, ruining your experience

SMACKIN’: No salty burn, no more cutting up your mouth after a handful