SMACKIN’ was founded by Cole and Brian, born out of their love of ⚾ and passion for food innovation. Their childhoods were filled with long days at the ballpark and munchin’ endlessly on seeds. Back then, quality seeds and interesting flavors just couldn’t be found! They even resorted to making their own seeds at points in their baseball careers. During college as roommates, Cole and Brian realized that the sunflower seed selection was the same as it was when they were kids a decade ago. The standard flavors, high sodium content, and sandpaper tongue needed to go.
SMACKIN’ was founded in 2019 to deliver a premium sunflower seed experience: one that is flavorful and unique. Our company seasons and roasts seeds to perfection that can't be found anywhere else. Our process is entirely different than standards, and that's what makes the flavor so distinct and the seeds deliciously crunchy. 
SMACKIN' is a Minnesota based sunflower seed company with craft quality and deliciously flavored seeds that are guaranteed to SMACK!!