The Offical Sunflower Seed Supplier of Babe Ruth League

The Offical Sunflower Seed Supplier of Babe Ruth League

SMACKIN' Sunflower Seeds is excited to be the Official Sunflower Seed Supplier of Babe Ruth League!

We are committed to providing high-quality, nutritious snacks for athletes and sports enthusiasts of all ages. To kick off the partnership with Babe Ruth League, SMACKIN’ Sunflower seeds is excited to offer all Babe Ruth League participants 10% off of their first order, just visit and use code ‘BRL’ at checkout to receive the discount. 

“Sunflower seeds are a staple of America’s Favorite Pastime and we look forward to teaming up with SMACKIN’ for a season filled with fun promotions and events and having their delicious sunflower seeds enjoyed at community ballparks across America!” said Rob Connor, Babe Ruth League’s VP of Operations.

The Babe Ruth League is an international youth baseball and softball league based in Hamilton, New Jersey, US named after George Herman "Babe" Ruth. The parent program, Babe Ruth League, Incorporated, is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.



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Jodi Orvieto

Jodi Orvieto

Recently bought two more packages and the seeds are so much smaller. So disappointed.

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