How to Eat Sunflower Seeds With Style

Payton Henry packing a cheek of sunflower seeds

Eating sunflower seeds is as unique as our flavors!

Everyone knows the seed pros are the baseball players. Sunflower seeds have become synonymous with America’s national pastime beginning in the late 1960s. Once it became known of tobacco’s harmful effects, the popularity of sunflower seeds began to rise in the league as a substitute with well renowned players like Reggie Jackson and Stan Musial constantly munching on them. Nowadays, it’s practically impossible to watch a pitch thrown in any baseball game without spotting a player chewing on sunflower seeds.

The ‘by the cheekful’ style popular with baseball players is packing a wad in one cheek and meticulously transferring one seed at a time to the other cheek to crack the shell. Once you bring the individual seed over to the other cheek, you separate the shell and the seed, then spit the shell to enjoy the tasteful meat. Few sunflower seed snackers will beat a baseball player’s speed of eating seeds, but one can try right? 



On the other end, sometimes throwing in one seed at a time is the move in comparison to eating your sunflower seeds by the cheekful. The ‘one seeder’ style is popular for the moments when one must be careful of their surroundings and cant just dispose of their shells like they’re on the ballfield, such as being inside. This style is great for new beginners or the avid sunflower seed connoisseur who enjoys relishing the flavor and quality of each seed. One seed, everyone knows the rules!

Then there is the style that doesn’t even involve cracking the seed. Surprisingly, there is a segment of sunflower seed snackers that eat the whole seed whole! Here at SMACKIN’ we call them ‘the chompers’. While we may never understand this style, these seed eaters do receive the full nutrients found in the shell of the seed like the fiber. Or more likely it’s the style for those like my mom who don’t know how to crack the shell! The learning curve to cracking and eating seeds sometimes varies from leading to conceding to the chomper style. Does anyone actually enjoy the shell? We want to know!

We don’t want to bore you with the countless styles of eating seeds, so we’ll point you to a video we made just for this. Check out our Instagram reel on the different types of sunflower seed eaters. 



How do you eat sunflower seeds? Comment here and let us know!

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