Discovering SMACKIN’s Most Popular Sunflower Seed Flavor

Discovering SMACKIN’s Most Popular Sunflower Seed Flavor

Sunflower seeds have become a favorite snack of many due to their crunch and taste. At SMACKIN’, we produce a wide variety of flavors, hand-crafting each one to offer something for everyone. But what is our most popular flavor? Today, we’re going to dive into our flavors and highlight the bronze, silver, and gold medalists of our sunflower seed lineup.

Honorable Mention: Backyard BBQ

In our honorable mention category, Backyard BBQ holds a special place for its smoky, tangy barbecue flavor that evokes memories of summertime gatherings and grill-outs. It's a flavor that embodies the essence of outdoor festivities and pairs perfectly with any outdoor adventure

Bronze Medal: Cheddar Jalapeño

Coming in as our Bronze Medal Winner is our newest full-time flavor, Cheddar Jalapeño! Although Cheddar Jalapeño was released only three months ago, it has quickly become one of our most popular flavors. Each seed is coated in savory cheddar cheese flavor, complemented by just the right amount of jalapeño heat. It's perfect for those who enjoy a hint of zesty spice, making it a versatile choice that pairs well with game day snacks or afternoon munchies.

Silver Medal: Garlic Parmesan

Moving onto our Silver Medal Winner, Garlic Parmesan has been a fan favorite since our early days of production, and it continues to win hearts with its robust garlic-infused essence and savory Parmesan cheese notes. Our unique Garlic Parmesan flavor combines the perfect balance of zesty garlic and savory Parmesan cheese, delivering a blast of flavor that will leave you coming back for more. Each seed is meticulously coated to ensure a perfect balance of flavors, delivering a sophisticated yet approachable taste profile that appeals to sunflower seed connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

Gold Medal: Cinnamon Churro

Finally, our Gold Medal Winner is a flavor that has revolutionized the way we think about sunflower seeds and snacks alike: Cinnamon Churro! When we released cinnamon churro, we weren’t certain that the flavor would catch on. Fast forward a few years and the flavor has quickly become our most popular flavor to date! Cinnamon Churro incorporates the perfect mix of sweet cinnamon and indulgent churro goodness into every seed, making each bite a delightful experience that will leave you wishing you had grabbed a second bag. 

The Rundown

Each of these medalists represents the hard work and attention to detail that goes into every SMACKIN’ sunflower seed. Although these three have been at the top of our catalog since their release, every SMACKIN’ flavor is made with the same love and care that makes these three so popular. Whether you're loyal to a favorite or eager to explore new flavors, the SMACKIN’ lineup promises a journey of taste and satisfaction. Try a new one or stick with your go to. Either way you’ll be wishing you grabbed a second bag!

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