The Best Sunflower Seeds Flavors Ranked

The Best Sunflower Seeds Flavors Ranked

Search no further, the best flavored sunflower seeds are right here! SMACKIN’ Sunflower Seeds are crafted with quality and flavor in mind - we roast and season each sunflower seed to absolute perfection for a big crunch and bold flavor. Everyone is always asking us what the best flavor of sunflower seeds we have. We'll break it down in a very impartial manner on the best sunflower seed flavors on the market in order. 

1. Garlic Parmesan

The king of all flavors, from the savory aroma to the mouth-smackin’ crunchy texture, our Garlic Parmesan is truly a one of a kind seeding experience. Made with real parmesan cheese with a touch of garlic and crafted for over 2 years in the SMACKIN’ kitchen, this is a seed that you’ll wish has been around your whole life. With only 540mg of sodium, 8g of protein and 170 calories you won’t put the bag down until it’s finished! 

2. The OG “Original” 

The OG “Original” flavor is a healthier take on the classic original sunflower seed but better. Roasted to perfection and lightly salted, you can enjoy an entire bag without the feeling of sandpaper tongue. With only 510mg of sodium, 6g of protein and 170 calories this classic original sunflower seed is guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

3. Backyard Barbecue

What can I say, I still like to kick it back to old school smokey barbecue flavored sunflower seeds. Nothing beats the craving like Backyard Barbecue! A flavor that reminds me of authentic Texas barbecue fresh off the grill, smothered and doused in savory barbecue sauce, it's unlike any boring barbecue flavor I’ve ever had. SMACKIN’ has reinvented the classic BBQ seed with only 330mg of sodium, 6g of protein and 170 calories that taste like they're fresh off the grill and will have you SMACKIN' for more!

4. Dill Pickle

SHEEESH...is all I have to say after throwing in another handful of Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds! The newest take on the classic dill flavor, Dill Pickle has real dill pickle flavor. With only 380mg of sodium, 6g of protein and 170 calories our Dill Pickle will have you smackin' all day long!

5. Cinnamon Churro

By far the sweetest tasting sunflower seed flavor I’ve ever had! Cinnamon seeds—hold the toast right? Cinnamon Churro has real cinnamon seasoning and a touch of milled cane sugar to deliver a mouth-smackin' flavor experience. With only 200mg of sodium, 6g of protein and 170 calories this will be your new go-to dessert!

6. Zesty Ranch

A zesty take on everyone's favorite dipping sauce! Our Zesty Ranch packs a flavorful and delicious punch. With only 530mg of sodium, 5g of protein and 170 calories this is no doubt the tastiest ranch sunflower seed you'll ever have!

There you have it! The cheat sheet for navigating which SMACKN’ sunflower seed flavor to add to your cart. At the end of the day, these numbers are irrelevant because all the flavors SMACK! 

SMACKIN' has the best jumbo sunflower seeds roasted, salted, and seasoned to perfection. We don't settle for mediocre seeds with questionable ingredients, so we set out to create the best seeds ever. A better tasting and better for you snack, you can enjoy an entire bag without the sandpaper tongue.

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